Professional Training through Networking Groups

for Owners of Painting, Roofing and Landscaping Companies.

Business Networking for Painters, Landscapers and Roofers

Monroe Porter, CEO of PROOF giving advice to PROSULT Insiders

Those Day-To-Day Challenges

Are you ever challenged by day-to-day events like finding and hiring good employees or competing against lowball competitors - how about handling family/business pressures? We have the answers to these challenges and many more.

PROOF Management

You may already know us or PROOF Management from reading articles in major contractor magazines or hearing Monroe Porter speak at industry seminars; what we really do best is create small networks of non-competing painting, roofing and landscaping contractors from across the nation, then manage those networks to maximize success. PROOF provides a proven process, conducts it with the utmost integrity and confidence, all of which creates immediate positive results.

We are so confident in the results our PROSULT Insiders have achieved we will give you the phone numbers of Insiders to call.

Networking Group of Painting Contractors

PROSULT Insiders going over business solutions during a networking seminar

That first PROSULT meeting left me exhausted and excited. I met guys just like me, with problems and challenges just like mine. Better than that I came away with real answers and some trusted friends too.

Bobby T., Bloomington, IN

Learn advanced business management skills

Annual benchmarking review

PROSULT Insiders

For the first five years, PROSULT was like a secret society of contractors who met and shared information. The dramatic successes of those first Groups were the inspiration to expand PROSULT. Along the way an interesting thing happened to those first PROSULT Insiders. Not only did they become successful in business but they also became more successful in life. From reduced stress to increased income the effects of PROSULT are profound.

When I look back at how close I came to not accepting my PROSULT invitation, I shudder. I am glad I took the leap... it’s made all the difference.

Dean R., Hebron, IN

Landscape Contractors in Networking Group

Group of Contractors reviewing marketing plans for upcoming year.

The PROSULT Groups

Each Group is limited to 13 business owners, all located in different geographic areas. Each Group, under the guidance of PROOF Management, acts like an on-going Board of Directors advising each other on business decisions, sharing systems, trade secrets, marketing successes and serving as valuable business mentors. When each member of the Group becomes more successful the whole Group becomes more successful.

Business management solutions for Roofers

PROSULT Insiders working together on business exercises

When you gather a group of guys who understand, because they do the same things I do, and then mix in the industry experts from PROOF you get real answers from real pros.

Kevin B. Gaithersburg, Md

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